Sometimes they sleep with us on the same bed. They sit close to us when we take our meals. They delight us with their mewing sound. We call them by funny names.

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Children play with them. Some people teach them different tricks which are utilised as means of income.

There are some people who keep rabbit, mongoose, white mouse, etc. Besides animals, some people keep birds as pets. Parrots and peacocks are mostly favoured for their attractive features. Parrots and myna are xn--o1ap.xn--j1amh to their masters.

The mother is very affectionate to her puppies and takes care of them till they are able to live independently. The average lifespan of a dog is about years. Dogs are nocturnal by nature.

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They sleep in day essay on pet animals horse and become active at night. The dogs bark and make various types of sounds such as snarl, howl, bark and growl to express their different moods.

Dogs can run fast. Their long legs help them in running fast.

As dt problem solving walk and run on their toes they are called digitigrade animals. Dogs can swim well in water. Although carnivorous in nature, pet dogs like milk, rice, bread, cooked vegetables, etc. Their canine teeth are well-developed, sharp and suitable for eating flesh.